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We are a fast-casual restaurant for the sporadic late nighter and your standard night owl. The goal for our business is very simple: comfort food, at an affordable price, that is both handmade and delicious.

After months of experimenting with flavors, ingredients, and mixes, we landed on our menu that features a wide array of options ranging from amazing pancakes to a double cheeseburger.

Whether you are staying up for an essay that is due at midnight or are just coming home from a night out at the club, you can assure some amazing and comforting food at an even more amazing price!

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Our History

From playing pickup basketball with friends to rapping a hot verse in a freestyle session, Philadelphia-native Linzell and Chicago-native Juwon love to make every situation as enjoyable as possible. While the days were filled with classes, practices, and study group meetings, Linzell and Juwon spent many late nights relaxing or enjoying a night out with their good friends. As their nights would progress and their stomachs would grumble, they began to notice that there weren't too many choices of food available for them and their fellow peers to enjoy.

our goal

This is when they decided to start LJ's Midnight Munchies, a fast-casual food restaurant for the sporadic late-nighter and your standard night owl. The goal was simple: to provide a wholesome, handcrafted, and unique dining experience for a student-friendly price. To achieve this goal, L & J work countless hours cultivating a business specifically designed for all of the students that like to burn the midnight oil and enjoy a late night munch!

Here's How to order your munchies

Go through your menu and select whatever you think will satisfy those late night cravings! Craving sweet, spicy, or savory...? Don't worry, we have it all for you
Browse our menu and select the munchies that you want to cure your cravings! You can keep it simple or get creative, the choice is all yours!
After selecting & ordering your mouthwatering munchies, just wait a few minutes, and your munchies will arrive! We know it's hard, but we guarantee you it will be worth it!  
Now comes the easy part. After your munchies have arrived, all that is left is to satisfy those cravings! Feel free to share with your homies on IG - @ljmunchies
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